17 Toolkit review

We’ve now come to the end of the first technical section of the Urban Informatics Toolkit. And you have officially covered a lot of ground. You’ve installed both R and RStudio. You’ve learned the basics of R operations and data structures. You’ve read and manipulated a large dataset, selected columns, created new ones, and even created a few visualization. You’ve learned to chain multiple functions together and have even created your own sets of summary statistics. These are all very important useful skills which will serve the foundation of everything else you will do in R.

The next section of this book will focus entirely on data visualization. We will begin by learning about the Grammar of Graphics. Next we will learn how to apply that grammar in R with ggplot2. Following, we will create a ton of graphics and build intuition about when and how to create different types of graphics.

Are you ready?

Are you hydrated?

Take a deep breath and let’s get after it!